sleeping sun

Commission for Discet of their lovely character, Shay.

Don't you get to see your boyfriend often?

why hello anon

This is kind of personal, but if you have to know I see him once a week, twice if i’m really lucky. I miss him a lot, and we don’t live that far away, but I’m studying Architecture and it leaves me little to no free time which i use to study or drawing commissions (sometimes i sleep and eat as well)… he works in an office so out schedules are a bit different. That’s why I get to see him on the weekends.

That’s why i’m so excited… i miss him and i want to see him badly :(


ok i kind of got along with paypal again, so commissions remain opened

If you’d like to pay directly via bank it’d be wonderful tho

I’m having problems with paypal. Commissions are closed until i find out what it’s wrong this time.
Unless you want to so a deposit directly to my account, that’d be nice too.

Third prize of the giveaway,  amuravarice's OC, Alice in a simple style.

I’m working in the commissions and the giveaway drawings, but i also have to do my school work. But worry not! I’m most assuredly working on them all! (I also really like the themes so far so its a really big plus)

Give away winners!!!

Chosen with

3rd Prize, amuravarice!!

2nd Prize, fox-fired!

1st Prize, calmyourknits!

Congratulations to the winners! I’ll personally contact you via inbox to tell you and ask you what you want me to draw for  you!!

Thank you all for participating! 

>People unfollowing because of the nsfw talk when I clearly didn’t post any in my life

Thank you so much friend! The number of times I've told other blogs and they've just laughed in my face and flooded my dash with porn. You such a wonderful sweetie <3 and your art is utterly adorable!

I wouldn’t want to make people uncomfortable on purpose, just keep in mind that getting an app to help you filtering stuff would put an end to that problem.
Once again, nudes may come up once in a blue moon as i’m a forgetful little sheet
thank friend!

Only Two hours to the end of the giveaway!!!
I’ve been incredibly down this week so i expect this makes me feel a bit better ;_;